ETI & Customer Compliance

In today’s complex globalization process, there are heightened political and social concerns in the areas of social, environmental and security responsibility. The need to establish a portfolio of clientele who will share the same principles of corporate responsibility has become a clear necessity in the protection and preservation of your public image.

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The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is an alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations. ETI works globally to improve working conditions for people who grow raw materials or produce consumer goods. Audits focus on freedom of association, no child labour and secure healthy working conditions.

Ethical trade means that retailers, brands and suppliers take responsibility for improving the working conditions of people who make the products they sell. The ETI's standards are divided into two parts: the ETI Base Code and the Principles of Implementation. The ETI Base Code focuses on labour practices, reflecting the most relevant international standards. The Principles of Implementation define the commitments, management practices and behaviours required of corporate members to implement the ETI Base Code in their supply chains.

How you benefit

ETI audits can open up markets for your company. Many buyers in Europe and North America require minimum labour compliance assessments for companies with which they do business. Successful completion of an ETI audit can provide your company with an opportunity to showcase its commitment to decent working conditions for your workers. Control Union audits are carried out with the highest levels of integrity and a great degree of attention to your business and its markets.