Green IT

Specifies requirements for organizations to develop and implement 'Green Approaches' for a Safe, Healthy and Green Environment that contribute towards a sustainable business to the delivery of Green Products and Services. Green Standard Certification, therefore, demonstrates organization’s ability to deliver products & services that has no significant adverse impact on the environment & society and as such aims to:

  • Be a Potentially Carbon Neutral Organization,
  • Deliver Green Product & Services
  • Maintain a Green Process to deliver Products or Services
  • Provide a Green System towards a Sustainable Business.

Green Standard is first global standard that provides framework for:

  • Sustainable Business
  • Corporate Governance
  • CSR Reporting Framework
  • Management System for Safe, Healthy and Greener Environment

Organizations are, therefore, able to develop & implement 'Green Approaches' towards sustainable business to provide safe, healthy & green enviornment to deliver green products and services. The Requirements of Green Standard are assessed following International Standards such as ISO 14064-3 for quantifying, monitoring and reporting Corporate Social Reponsibility (CSR) including Greenhouse Gases Assertions into Green Certificate Levels. Most credible GHG and Project Methodologies, like CDM methodologies are used in validation and verification of GHG emission reductions or removal enhancements.Verified GHG emission reductions or removal enhancements fully support to voluntary carbon market. Projects of Green Standard covers all carbon neutrality and social, economic and environmental compliances including the process and product construction – hence the products and services are ‘Green’. CSR initiatives of Green Standard Certified organizations are thus registered in GSCPregister of CSR reporting as their disclosed and verified CSR performance for a sustainable business. Forestry management; renewable energy sources use like Hydro, wind power, solar, biomass electricity generation, methane utilization; energy efficiency technologies use like solar water heaters, cooking system, biodigestors, LEDs; etc are some of GSCP supported low carbon technologies whilst Safe, Healthy and Hygienic working environment and sound business compliances are best practices of Green Approach.

Organizations may demonstrate their GHG emission reductions using "Green Standard' as their contribution towards Corportate Social Responsibility, Voluntary disclosure and towards their business and local needs. Green Certification is a ‘Clear Differentiator’ between businesses in the market reflecting environmentally sound innovation and leadership.Green Certificate strongly demonstrates organization’s ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ effort Green Certification is also a ‘Measured’ approach towards establishment of Green Processes & Policies. Organization can subscribe to any 'Level of Green Standard' based on their contribution -Level-I, Level-II, Level-III. The requirements of Green Certification apply ‘Universally’ with regards to nature, geographic location & size of the organization. For more details visit www.green-certificate.com