Shamkris, Founded in 2004, has been Promoted by shyam sharma acquainted in State-of-Art-Technology in Certification, Inspection & Trainings with headquarter in India and now has been the global leader with varied Assessment and Certification Services worldwide. SHAMKRIS Group is headed Mr. Shyam Sharma a visionary having entrepreneurial adeptness and acumen. His ideas have helped in shaping exceptional Business group. Since inception of SHAMKRIS under the canopy of INDIAN Business Culture, its objectives have aligned around client expectation & quittance and now has spread all over the world.

Shamkris Group operations in India and Worldwide expanded from Management System Certifications to manifold Inspections, Trainings, Product and other certifications. Shamkris Group is a member of Shamkris Group. Group and operates through worldwide structured network of offices. At present, offices are in more than 6 World hubs having regional offices in more than 10 countries /states with Lac of certified locations in the world. Business Rule Competitive, Confidence, Credibility, Commitment, Shamkris Group has always sought to be a value-driven organization. The values continue to direct the Group's growth and businesses. Shamkris Group , being member of Shamkris Group, innate strength is aligned around the core values of being Competitive, Confidence, Credibility, & Commitment. We prove: Shamkris Group Company has a philanthropy of Business Ethics and relationship and believe in total customer satisfaction by adopting 4Cs Competitive: We recognize efficiency of service and competitive pricing as given in the current commercial business world, which is why Shamkris Group invests heavily in IT solutions and staff training.

The provision of “Value Added Service” is a must and because of this. The Shamkris group has partnered with the shamkris Group and provide inspection activities amongst other essential business services-innovative services provide businesses with that all important competitive edge. Confidence: Shamkris Group of companies include certification brands of SHAMKRIS , which hold accreditations of Quality Accreditation Services Ltd. Canada Providing recognition across a wide range of countries. (See websites for details of their accreditation details www.qa-sl.com). Credibility: Shamkris group of companies has over 6 local offices worldwide and has issued certificates on over 10 countries, ranging from global brands to small locally owned businesses. Our systems are in accordance with principles of right & wrong that govern the conduct of our business. Commitment: Established in 2004, via vision of shyam sharma dedicated to serving its customers we know what it means to assist client’s in their needs to ensure their success partnership and pragmatism is vital in today’s business relationship. We do what we say and what client expect at the level of client perception 4C When selecting any Shamkris Group company for your certification needs, a 4C service is assured.