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India Market Entry Strategy

Shamkris Group ‘India Entry’ customized solution follows a three-phased approach starting with an in-depth evaluation of the market opportunity for our clients followed by strategy formulation and developing a comprehensive business plan for their entry and finally ‘on-ground’ implementation of the suggested strategy to establish significant presence in India.

1. Market Exploration

Shamkris Group market exploration methodology involves in-depth discussions with industry stakeholders including prospective customers, distribution channel partners, industry associations and government representatives. Backed by more than a decade experience, we provide ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to address challenges related to competition, identify market opportunities, overcome technical barriers and develop pricing and channel strategies. Our market exploration study involves an in-depth assessment of:

• Competitive Intelligence
• Demand & Supply Scenario
• Distribution Channels
• Entry and Exit Barriers
• Government Policies and Regulations
• Location Analysis
• Potential Customers and Partners
• Present and Future Business Opportunities
• Technology Trends

The key deliverables of Shamkris Group Market Exploration methodology include in-depth market research and India validation visits:

Market Research

• Market Sizing of Addressable Target Market and Products of Interest (POI)
• Key Growth Drivers
• Demand Side Analysis
• Supply Side Analysis
• Partners Identification (Importer/ Local Distributor Partners/Joint Ventures etc.)
• Regulatory Landscape
• Future Growth Potential of Target Market and POI

India Validation Visit

• Hosting client’s India ‘experience’ visit
• Arranging meetings with prospective customers, distribution channel partners, suppliers and other intermediaries.

2. Strategy Formulation and Business Plan

Shamkris Group helps in formulating an effective strategy aimed at achieving success of the client in the Indian market. Based on the results derived from ‘Market Exploration’ methodology, Shamkris Group India Intelligence team helps clients in evaluating the most appropriate India Entry Strategy options to achieve optimum results. The strategy formulation exercise considers the client’s strategic priorities, short and long term business goals, investment capacity and risk appetite, historic and forecast industry growth, success and failure cases of competitors and industry best practices. We provide advisory services and develop a comprehensive business plan for the client covering the aspects detailed below:

Mitigating Risks and Revenue Generation:
• Assess and advise on business risks involved
• Deal with regulatory issues and compliances
• Develop an efficient distribution network
• Generate sales leads
• Providing feedback on unmet needs of end customers
• Determining price, positioning and branding
• Meet competitive standards
• Networking with government and industry associations

Business Plan
• Sales Forecast
• Operational Expenses
• Marketing Expenses
• Profitability Analysis
• Feasibility Study
→ Local Manufacturing vs. Import/Export
→ Merger & Acquisition vs. Greenfield

3. Strategy Implementation

Shamkris group provides full support to its clients to ensure the entry strategies formulated are successfully implemented. We undertake all the required activities to establish the client’s business in India. For instance, partnerships, joint ventures or mergers & acquisitions can be one of the elements for India market entry strategy and any mistake in partner selection can lead to significant setback. We define clear selection criteria and comprehensively screen the potential partners on strategic and operational parameters. Consequently, we help in selecting partners with the right synergies and hence mitigate risks. The key deliverables offered in our implementation services include:

Distribution Partner Search and Appointment
• Identifying and selecting potential distributor partners
• Obtaining their willingness for partnership with the client
• Organize meeting of client with the selected distributors
• Assist in negotiation and finalizing the partnership terms.

Greenfield/Brownfield Manufacturing Setup
• Location Analysis
• Site Selection
• Acquisition of Land
• Regulatory Approvals( Product and Manufacturing Approvals)
• Greenfield/Brownfield Project Management

 Establishing Subsidiary
• Identifying the right location
• Incorporating the Indian subsidiary
• Obtaining all statutory approvals
• Setting up of office
• Recruitment of key executives

Why Choose Shamkris  as your India Intelligence Partner?

With an industry presence of more than a decade, Shamkris Group has been a preferred India intelligence partner for several prestigious global clients. We have helped establish themselves in the country with reduced risks and in a short gestation time. Clients have strengthened their foothold in the Indian market by leveraging our extensive knowledge and insights on the Indian business environment. We help clients build detailed roadmap for India market entry and design operational plans to execute ‘on the ground’ effectively. The market entry strategy is implemented with ‘time-bound’ milestones and regular review process in place to ensure success.

While Shamkris group provides Fortune 500 companies superior insight and on-ground expertise to enter and profitably grow their business in India, we also offer compelling value proposition structured for smaller companies which want to enter the country with lesser investments. Shamkris Group offers a unique low cost, ‘start-up model’ India entry strategy to test the target market they intend to enter before making any major investments. This way we help the clients reduce not just the risk of establishing operations in a new market but also help save costs & time to set up the same.

• How do we work guided by our strategies?
Setting up the Office

Our business consultants guide you through a variety of strategies to set up a liaison office in India.

Strategic Plans For Govt's Approval

Our expert India entry consultants are well aware of the regulatory requirements to get government approval and registry.

Finding Perfect Business Partner

We help in finding potential business partner for you if you are in the need of one to manage your business here.

Designs and Operations

The team helps in the business setup norms, operations, strategies, and designs to start your venture in India.

Feasible Market Research

We conduct a feasible market research to provide the best work strategy with a relevant workforce for the business.