• ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 certification aims at providing a global standard that spells out quality and trust. It is a quality management system standard and is applicable to all type of organizations. An ISO9000 certificate indicates the organization's adherence to quality management practices with customer focus. The standard is designed to look at all the important processes affecting customer satisfaction, from the initial review of requirements related to the product, to the packaging and delivery of the finished product. The intent of standard is to provide the universal and uniform baseline for quality management, which can be used by organizations around the world. The success of this idea is evident from the fact that ISO9000 series has become the most widely used quality management system in the world. A well designed and implemented quality management system; based on ISO9001 can provide organizations with the following benefits :

  • Objective based approach to the management system
  • Better process control, flow and productivity
  • Reduction of cost, reduction of product scrap & rejections, Improvement in product reliability
  • Better documentation of the processes and greater quality awareness among employees
  • Framework for continual improvement of each process
  • Leadership with customer focus
  • Structure of result oriented operations
  • Demonstrate the organization's commitment to quality standards to the outside world.

SHAMKRIS GROUP auditors are especially competent in scope & industry. SHAMKRIS GROUP believes in a Professional approach, which is blended with specific industrial & auditing experience. SHAMKRIS GROUP process approach based assessment prevents lapses of client systems, boosts employee's morale, better customer confidence and ultimately ensures effectiveness of the management system. SHAMKRIS GROUP QMS certification scheme include QMS certification accredited by QASL(Canada). Apply for Certification SHAMKRIS GROUP offers various services worldwide and these services with accreditations where applicable, whilst following uniform management system, are operated by separate legal entities within the group. For status of individual scheme and accreditation, contact SHAMKRIS GROUP office or email at

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