The Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a Wing of Department of Telecommunications coming under the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India. The department is responsible for issuing amateur radio licenses, allotting the frequency spectrum and monitoring the frequency spectrum

If the product is not Type Approved, then it is required to inform WPC and obtain Type Approval from WPC. Import License is required from WPC to import any equipment, other than Broadcasting Reciver and TVRO System

WPC follows online application process (+hard copy after applying) for ETA. If the item you want to obtain ETA is in the equipment list, you can proceed with the STEP 2, otherwise you have to get the item added in the equipment list of WPC website.

Every state has their own department and website who guide you how to do application, we at shamkris provide service how to apply and achieve license including compliance on Year on year.

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