What is E-waste Management License?

E-waste is electrical and electronic equipment waste, materials that are rejected from the manufacturing and repair process like computer monitors, motherboards, chargers and mobile phones, television, etc. The disposal of these electronics is a huge problem because it generally contains hazardous substances. Therefore, it is highly imperative to get proper disposal or recycle of e-waste. However, in India, due to poor implementation of legislation, a small percentage of e-waste gets recycled.

Extended Producer Responsibility may comprise of implementing take back system or setting up of collection centers or both and having agreed arrangements with authorized dismantler or recycler either individually or collectively through a Producer Responsibility Organization recognized by producer.

Why this License is Required?

E-waste is a rich source of metals such as gold, silver, and copper, which can be recovered and brought back into the production cycle. There is significant economic potential in the efficient recovery of valuable materials in e-waste and can provide income-generating opportunities for both individuals and enterprises.

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Who can get a E-waste Management License

Electrical Waste

Electronic Waste

Document Required for E-waste Management License

  • Consent to establish granted by the concerned State Pollution Control Board under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, (25 of 1974) and the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981(21 of 1981)
  • Certificate of registration issued by the District Industries Centre or any other government agency authorised in this regard
  • Proof of installed capacity of plant and machinery issued by the District Industries Centre, or any other government agency authorized in this behalf
  • KYC of Company
  • KYC of Partners/Directors
  • Layout Plan

Role of Shamkris and Process of E-waste Management License

Shamkris adopts a results-oriented approach to compliance with mandatory licence requirements in the organization. A simple and guidance methodology help organisation to achieve licence in a timely manner and cost-effective. Shamkris support 100% in advisory, Guidance, Compliance with respect to license requirements to obtain approval.

The License process described below:

  • Advisory for the document required
  • Preparation of documents as per application & list of documents.
  • Application File
  • Inspection by the department if required
  • Liason department
  • Yearly Compliance if Applicable
  • Renewal when due

Documents Required for E-Waste Management Authorization

For Proprietory / Partnership Concern.
Proprietor Adhaar Card.
Proprietor PAN Card.
GST Certificate.
Rent/Lease/proof of ownership of site.
Electricity Bill.
For Pvt Ltd / Public Ltd Company.
All the above.

According to the study, 5 tonne of e-waste, which would come from about 183 computers, gives a huge profit of Rs 1,78,308. The math is simple: Taking a very conservative estimate of the materials recovered, total value of the recoverable materials from 183 computers will be Rs 2,88,108.

E-waste recyclers use processes such as open incineration and acid-leeching. This situation could be improved by creating awareness and improving the infrastructure of recycling units along with the prevalent policies. The majority of the e-waste collected in India is managed by an unorganized sector.