We deliver the following Inspection Services:
An Inspection Programme is “Checking a product or system against the standards set by the International or National Organization or itself. Shamkris Global provides both second & third-party inspection services. A third party inspection is an assessment performed by an organization that is an independent company/ and constituted to conduct inspection work, that is neither owned, operated, nor controlled by a manufacturer, vendor, or supplier. Shamkris Global offers impartial assessments to develop confidence in client’s manufacturing systems that delivers the right product to the user. Our emphasis is on a quality inspection from both the industry and customers viewpoint with a reasonable fee schedule and performed in a timely manner.
The objective of the Company has always been to produce accurate and independent representations of the various commercial transactions with respect to the materials involved so that the customer feel confident about the quantity, quality of the product/process. We believe that apart from making good quality products, closeness to the customer is equally important. Shamkris Global Inspection Services Pvt. Ltd. offers various inspection services worldwide and these services with accreditations where applicable, whilst following a uniform management system.

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